Download ROC EasySpooler SUSE-powered Appliance

ROC EasySpooler SUSE-powered Appliance requires either the VMware Player or the VMware Server™. If you do not already have the player or the server, please click either link below to download it free of charge.

Note: Unless you have previously used the VMware Server, we recommend that you download the VMware Player.

Next, please enter your name and email address. The email address must match exactly the email address you use when you activate your appliance.

Then click the Download button below to request a link for either the ZIP format for VMware on Windows or the TGZ format for VMware on UNIX. ROC Software will send you an email containing instructions and a download link for the ROC EasySpooler SUSE-powered Appliance.

Contact us by email or phone at (512) 336-4200 if you need additional help.

ZIP format (301 MB)    
TGZ format (302 MB)