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What is ROC EasySpooler SUSE-powered appliance?

ROC EasySpooler SUSE-powered appliance is a software appliance that contains ROC’s world class print management product – EasySpooler – and a fully supported version of SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell.

A software appliance is a great way to try and buy a software solution. Using a hypervisor, like VMware, you can run an application without concern for what Operating System it runs on or what environment changes it might make to your server. Everything is pre-installed and configured.

ROC’s EasySpooler SUSE-powered appliance is available for you to download now. It’s a ready to run, fully functional appliance for you to try for free.

The virtual environments, or hypervisors, such as VMWare Player, are available for free download. Once you have your hypervisor installed, boot the appliance, perform a short activation, and the appliance is ready to use. EasySpooler is immediately available to control print output and manage printers. The Web interface provides a convenient and functional view of your printing environment. Print spooling has never been easier.

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