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E-mailing and Bursting Output

Have you ever wanted to take a customer statement listing, a student transcript listing , or a bill of lading and email each of the owners a PDF copy of their individual document? It’s a piece of cake with Rhapsody/EasySpooler.

First, the Dispatch module is used to electronically burst the statement and transcript listings into individual reports. It does not matter whether the transcript was a single page or multiple pages, the intelligence employed by the Dispatch module places the recipient’s entire document in a work file of its own.

Once the electronic bursting is accomplished, each of the work files is sent off to an EMAIL destination which uses the DOC2PDF module to transform them into PDF documents before emailing them to their recipients. In some instances the recipient’s email address is extracted from the report itself. In other cases, Rhapsody/EasySpooler calls a third party application to retrieve the email address. Rhapsody/EasySpooler can call almost any application you have on your server. If prefered, the reports can also be sent to any printer specified for that individual.