Distribution / Transportation

Output Management

Distribution and transportation companies utilize ROC output management solutions to support their dispersed network of printing sites and to assure reliable output delivery for time-sensitive reports and shipping documents.

Managing output across a dispersed network of distribution centers and warehouses can be challenging for any IT organization. ROC output management provides a single point of control over every server, queue, device and job anywhere in the network. ROC also allows IT staff to automatically schedule delivery of nightly reports to each location, and to confirm that those reports were actually delivered and printed at each site.

Distributors also require a significant amount of business-critical output in order to ensure uninterrupted operations. Outbound shipments usually require a set of printed documents such as packing lists, barcodes or waybills to be included. If the documents don’t print, the shipment doesn’t leave the warehouse. ROC’s output management solutions ensure that all documentation is reliably printed to prevent any shipment or delivery delays.

Not all the output created by distributors is actually printed. Typically, each transaction or batch of transactions will also include a set of electronic files to be transmitted via EDI. ROC solutions provide the same assured delivery, control, security and recovery for electronic output as for printed output.

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Job Scheduling

Distribution and transportation companies utilize ROC Maestro job scheduling to increase the effectiveness of their business applications. For instance, ROC Maestro automates the mundane overnight runs of creating packing lists and bills of lading so they are available at the start of scheduled working day, ensuring maximum efficiency at the loading dock.

Try ROC’s job scheduling solution to see how it can help your distribution or transportation environment today.

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Menards Inc. is a home improvement retailer with more than 240 stores in the United States. Menards’ sister company, Midwest Manufacturing, manufactures building materials and home improvement products, including leadnign brand names such as MasterCraft and Ultradeck. Menards is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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