ROC Rhapsody

ROC Rhapsody is an enterprise output management solution that ensures reliable information delivery from any application or environment to any device in any location. ROC Rhapsody delivers a single point of control and best-in-class interoperability to reduce the time and cost of supporting enterprise output operations.

Key Features
  • Full-featured print spooler with assured delivery via print, fax, email, Web, and file
  • Single point of control for queues, jobs and devices across servers and platforms
  • High-volume output features including resource pooling, load balancing and automatic failover
  • Device sharing across platforms
  • Network printer auto-discovery
  • Data encryption between applications and devices for sensitive output
  • Granular access controls
  • Easy-to-use browser interface
  • Platform and application independent
  • Installs in minutes
  • Highest quality, total product life-cycle support
  • Web services API for easy integration
  • Optional LDAP Integration
  • Automatically enter printer passcode/PIN with print job
  • Simplify management of output across servers and platforms
  • Spend less time with high-volume output
  • Reduce output-related Help Desk calls
  • Improve data security
  • Streamline output administration
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  • Windows Server™
  • Solaris™
  • HP-UX™
  • SCO UnixWare™
  • AIX™
  • NCR™
  • Red Hat Linux™
  • SUSE Linux™