HP e3000 Solutions

ROC Maestro for MPE™
An industrial-strength job scheduling solution that controls and automates complex workloads across an entire network. Sophisticated and powerful scheduling features allow easy coordination of calendar and time requirements with other dependencies such as sequencing and priority. Benefits include reduced errors, improved throughput, lowered cost of operation, and recovery from system and processing failures.
ROC BackPack/iX™
A complete storage management product that offers unparalleled accuracy and speed for backup and restore functions. ROC BackPack/iX delivers the swiftest, most reliable restore available to enable lightning-fast recovery when you need it most. Other benefits include user and application availability during store and restore procedures (online backup), unattended and precise operation, and secure media management.
ROC SpoolMate™
Automates and centralizes spool file management allowing flexibility in scheduling, printing and distribution of reports throughout the network. ROC SpoolMate improves the speed and accuracy of information delivery, reduces the incidence of lost reports and cuts paper and printer supply costs.
ROC Escalibro™
Allows MPE systems running ROC BackPack/iX, ROC TapesPlus, or both to share control of an autochanger or tape library. ROC Escalibro improves the utilization of a shared tape device and lowers administration costs through centralized tape automation.
ROC Formation™
A comprehensive electronic forms solution that eliminates the need for pre-printed forms. The ROC Formation designer provides a Java interface for form design while ROC Formation print services coordinate data merging and output routing. Form creation, updates and modifications are a snap and the frustration and waste of quickly outdated pre-printed forms are eliminated.
ROC TapesPlus™
Improves data integrity through advanced tape library operation. Automated tracking, storing, and maintaining of tape libraries removes the inevitable mistakes associated with manual operation.
Integrates ROC Software technology for job scheduling, report distribution and tape library management, all in a single interface. ROC DCM/Pak improves operation and efficiency with inter-modular communication and a single, centralized management facility.