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What the heck is pcap?

Basically, pcap is EasySpooler/Rhapsody’s way of changing the default behavior of a destination. In other words, it is a way of telling the printer what to do with the data it will be receiving.

Now how and what it tells the printer what to do, that is up to you! For the most part, PCL is the most common way to give a printer instructions, but it is a proprietary language that HP owns. But not all printers are PCL capable. Some are PJL or Postscript. Some do other ‘emulations’, like IBM ProPrinter or Epson (these are mostly for line/dot matrix type printers). Whatever the control sequence is, the pcap file can send it.

Not only can you send control sequences, you can also send files, such as a PCL macro, that will overlay a form, a logo or something else, with the data of the spool file. This could help save a lot of money, by not having to have pre-printed forms anymore!

In short, pcap is a text-based print driver for your EasySpooler/Rhapsody environment, so that you can change the default behavior of a destination.