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Controlling Printer Access

Controlling access to printers is easy with Rhapsody and EasySpooler. With Rhapsody and EasySpooler you can specify which printer users are able to access. The users will only be able to print to and view the printers you granted them access.

There are numerous ways of assigning printers to users. You can grant access at the user level, where you specify which printers a user can access. You can also assign printers to a group such as Sales group or Developer group. Then you can add the users to one or more of the groups. The users will only have access to the printers assigned to their group. If you do notassign users access to specific printers or a group, then they will be an undefined user. An undefined user will take on the permission of the default group. This group will contain the printers that are available to everyone.

All of this can be performed through the application web interface. No software needs to be installed on your desktop. Just point your web browser to the Rhapsody or EasySpooler server and click the printers you want the user or group to have access to.