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Have a printer that needs a password or an access code to print?

Some newer, fancier printers like a Ricoh, Minolta, Canon or Xerox have the ability to keep users from printing on them, unless they have a ‘password’ or ‘access code’. EasySpooler can pass these parameters to these types of printers, so that your users can keep on printing without interruption.

To do so, simply create a new pcap entry (pcap is located in the $LPSDIR/adm directory). Your entry would look something like this:

lp99_*_*_begin_@PJL SET ACCOUNTNUMBER="99999"_


lp99_*_*_beginsep1_@PJL SET USERCODE="999999"_
lp99_*_*_begin_@PJL SET USERCODE="999999"_

*where lp99 is your actual printer number in EasySpooler, and of course, plug in your information for the accountnumber or usercode

The second example is if you need your users to print their banner pages (the beginsep1 operand). The access code/password will be needed for it too.