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Running a schedule multiple times with ROC Maestro

Sometimes you need a schedule to run multiple times during a day. With ROC Maestro, you can schedule any kind of interval that you can imagine. Remember to use the format HH-HH/interval:MM-MM/interval or as a guideline. You can have a schedule run all day every five minutes with the following example:


You can use a comma(,) if exact hours or minutes are needed. If a schedule needs to run from midnight to 4pm every quarter and 3/4 hour, it would look like this:


To really get sophisticated, you can use a combination of slashes(/), dashes(-), commas(,) and colons(:) to achieve the result you need. An example would be if a schedule was to run at 2am, 4am and 3-6pm every 10 minutes only for the first 30 minutes of each of those hours.


If an interval attempts to start before the previous finishes, it will not be started. Another interval will not run until after all running instances have completed. ROC Maestro makes scheduling needs very versatile.