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Adding custom columns in the Rhapsody/EasySpooler WEB UI.

Did you know you can change and rearrange the columns displayed on the Active and Inactive tabs on the Document List in the EasySpooler and Rhapsody WEB UI? You can also add one or more custom columns by choosing Option as the column type.

An option column identifies documents that you submit from the command line using llp with an option variable (-o variable) that you create, not one of the -o variables already defined in Rhapsody or EasySpooler.
So for instance if you create the option variable “color” to indicate the color of the paper on which you want to print. Then, you add an option column Color in the WEB UI and submit a document with:

llp -ohold -ocolor=blue document_name

Go into the WEB UI and the document then appears on the Active tab of the Document List with the color name (blue) in the option column labelled Color.

For more information, see the section Configure the Columns on the Document List in Chapter 8 of the ROC Rhapsody Administrator's Guide and the section Rhapsody Option Variables under llp in Chapter 2 of the ROC Rhapsody Developer's Guide.