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Are you kidding me! Rhapsody can find my network printers, and then add them to its environment?

Yep! Rhapsody can do that! It’s called ‘Printer Discovery’. Using SNMP, Rhapsody polls your network for printers. Once Rhapsody ‘discovers’ that it is talking with a printer, Rhapsody then asks that printer for its settings and other information. From here, you can tell Rhapsody to add all of the printers it found, or select a few to add, or even add them one by one.

So that your network is not bogged down with a lot of SNMP requests, you can tell Rhapsody a range of addresses to use, or you can even tell Rhapsody what segment of the network to use. On top of that, Rhapsody will save this information so that you do not have to redefine it each time you want to discover printers, allowing you to enable/disable a specific search.