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Using SSL encryption with EasySpooler/Rhapsody Web UI

Do you have users that access the EasySpooler/Rhapsody Web UI from remote places and need that information to be encrypted? The Secure Socket Layer standard for web connections can be used with the Web UI to ensure the data between the EasySpooler/Rhapsody server and the web server is secure.

Documents submitted through the web, actions taken on documents, security changes and many other options can all be encrypted when using SSL. A certificate can be generated and submitted to a certificate authority for authorization to get 128-bit encryption over world wide web. A certificate can also be generated and used locally without submitting to a certificate authority if encryption is only needed within a small local area network.

Secure Socket Layer can be very useful when your organization needs as much data encrypted as possible. Information on how to implement SSL can be found in TechNotes under Documentation in SupportPlus.