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How do I specify which printer tray to use with EasySpooler?

You can use the PCL language to specify the tray. Most of the PCL codes for HP are standardized from model to model. The paper source command “^[&l#H” is one of the few PCL commands that vary between printer models.

The PCL 5 escape sequence for paper source is Esc&l#H (the “l” is a lowercase “L” rather than the numeral “1”). See the following table for values of #. For example, Esc&l8H is the command for tray 4.


Tray 1 4
Tray 2 (500 Sheet) 1
Tray 3 (500 Sheet) 5
Tray 4 (1500 Sheet) 8
Tray 5 (4000 Sheet) 9

Add a line similar to this to the $LPSDIR/adm/pcap file:


You can then issue the follow command to pull from tray 2.

llp -dlp## -ofmt=tray2 /file/to/print

Or, you can create an entry in the $LPSDIR/adm/lpsalias file as follows:

tray2:lp##:-onob -ofmt=tray2:Pulls from tray2

Then you can just spool your job to printer “tray2”.

llp -dtray2 /file/to/print

Again, if the output pulls from the wrong tray, you will need to try different escape numbers from above for your printer model.